Certification Head Start

Jason LawlorCertifications, Common Criteria

Imagine having more than 60% of your Common Criteria evaluation completed in less than a week.
With Lightship’s Certification Head Start offering, we can make it happen.

In conjunction with our Functional Gap Assessment (pre-testing) offering through Greenlight, the Lightship team will develop and provide outputs that form the core components of the formal evaluation process. The Head Start program is provided for one fixed price and includes the following:

  1. Definition and documentation of the evaluated configuration
  2. Comprehensive reusable draft test plan
  3. Detailed gap assessment report
  4. Security target creation

With these deliverables flowing directly into the formal certification process in our accredited lab, the remaining items can be completed incredibly quickly and with much less risk.  The end result is that our clients get their products certified and to market faster than ever before.

Contact us today to get a head start on your certification.

Jason has been involved in the leadership of different cyber security companies, including being responsible for the accreditation, management and profitable growth of several government-accredited IT security laboratories. Jason drives the Lightship vision of modernizing the product certification landscape.