Preparing for FIPS Validation Part 2 – Boundaries and Libraries

Jason LawlorCertifications, FIPS 140-2

In part 2 of our multi-part Lightship Security video tutorial series geared toward vendors who are new to FIPS 140-2, we discuss the concept of cryptographic boundaries, cryptographic libraries and the design aspects required for FIPS 140-2 compliance. The previously published part 1 of the series can be found here.

Lightship is committed to making certifications faster and easier for vendors.  Talk to us about your FIPS 140-2 implementation requirements so we can help you achieve your certifications at the speed of development.

Jason has been involved in the leadership of different cyber security companies, including being responsible for the accreditation, management and profitable growth of several government-accredited IT security laboratories. Jason drives the Lightship vision of modernizing the product certification landscape.