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Lightship Security and Peach Tech partner to address new fuzz testing requirements under Common Criteria

Lachlan TurnerCommon Criteria, Lightship News

Lightship Security is proud to announce our partnership with Peach Tech, a Seattle, US based security software firm, to support our customers in their pursuit of product certification against the internationally recognized security standard, Common Criteria (CC).

The Collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices (NDcPP) has introduced fuzz testing as part of the vulnerability analysis process. The NDcPP is a canary in the world of CC and we can expect to see fuzz testing become a standardized requirement across many Protection Profiles.

We’ve integrated Peach Tech’s Peach Fuzzer platform into our Greenlight service offering to give customers the peace of mind that their products meet the latest CC fuzz testing requirements.

Read our joint press release for all the details.

Lachlan has 20+ years of extensive product security certification experience, including roles as a government certifier, lab evaluator and vendor consultant. As the Director of Cyber Labs, Lachlan has overall responsibility for our Canadian and US Common Criteria laboratories.