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Execution and Ambition – Year in Review

Jason LawlorLightship News

December marks the 3-year anniversary of the founding of Lightship.  As such, we’ve been taking stock to consider our progress, challenges and future plans.

First the good news.  In 2018, Lightship was able to successfully execute on the following: 

  • Became the 5th and only independently owned and accredited Common Criteria lab in Canada 
  • Completed our accreditation to become 1 of 22 FIPS 140-2 labs worldwide 
  • Completed one of the fastest formal NDcPP v2 end to end CC evaluations ever completed in North America 
  • Secured development funding from the Government of Canada for Greenlight test automation innovations 
  • Added more modules and utilities as part of the Greenlight platform to improve reporting, ease of integration and usability for us and our clients 
  • Added critical mass to our development and delivery team to support our growing client base
  • Earned the certification business of several new domestic and international industry leading security vendors through our modernized and automated Functional Gap Analysis offering and end to end expedited CC certification methodology

As expected with any sustained period of growth, there are myriad challenges.  Chief among them is the ability to scale the business with the quality and speed that have become our hallmark.  The solution we are committed to lies in the modernization of the delivery model, continued investment to codify our evaluation experience into Greenlight and growing our delivery team with talented folks, empowered to make a difference.   

Looking forward, the entire team has worked hard to develop the Lightship brand and capability as a security certification delivery platform for our clients – this means that when a client entrusts us with their business, they get the full strength and support of the business owners, team, tools, accreditations, credentials and experience until the project is successfully completed.  Continued expansion of the platform with additional products and services using this foundational client approach will be central to our growth strategy. 

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to say thanks for the support of so many of our friends, partners and clients that have helped to make this our best year yet.  Happy holidays to all.   

The Lightship Crew. 

Jason has been involved in the leadership of different cyber security companies, including being responsible for the accreditation, management and profitable growth of several government-accredited IT security laboratories. Jason drives the Lightship vision of modernizing the product certification landscape.