2020 – Hits and Misses

Jason LawlorLightship News

Lightship Security is 5 years old this month.  Time flies building a business through a pandemic.

Last year, we said that we would not go into 2020 resting on our previous success.  Here is what we have achieved:

  • 50%+ increase in technical and operational delivery capacity
  • 100% + revenue growth – marking 5 straight years of at least doubling our business
  • The continued development of industry first tools including solutions for simplified automated algorithm testing through NIST and other technology advances (stay tuned!)
  • The opening of our new lab facilities and HQ expansion in Ottawa.
  • Became one of the top tier FIPS 140 validation test labs in the program by volume of projects in only 2 years since our initial accreditation
  • Continued re-investment into our people, technology development and delivery capabilities

Beyond these business metrics, we are most proud of our “off balance sheet” achievements that have really demonstrated our team’s resiliency and ability to execute during what, by all accounts, has been a challenging year. 

From unprecedented standard and program churn (hello FIPS 140-2/3!) to border closures and our own “speed wobbles” in fully aligning a growing and remote organization, it wasn’t always pretty in 2020.  Through it all, there was always the organizational commitment to get done what needed to get done to get our clients over the finish line. Always.

When we engage with new or existing clients, it’s a powerful feeling and story to know that Lightship brings the credentials, talent, sincerity, wherewithal and sometimes just plain grit that is sometimes required in our industry for successful outcomes.  I would put us up against anyone in the industry based on those metrics.

If nothing else, 2020 helped to further battle harden the team so that we are ready to come back stronger than ever in 2021 to modernize product assurance, support our growing client base and continue our mission to deliver certification at the speed of development.

Thanks for your continued support. Happy birthday to us and happy holidays to you from the testing experts at Lightship Security.

Jason has been involved in the leadership of different cyber security companies, including being responsible for the accreditation, management and profitable growth of several government-accredited IT security laboratories. Jason drives the Lightship vision of modernizing the product certification landscape.